Axle Counters for Track occupancy detection
Axle counters are equipment which are capable of detection of axles of trains as they pass over portions of track . the detection of axles is done through principles of electromagnetic principles and there are two axle detecting devices provided at two ends of a track section which is being monitored by a axle counter.

The basic components of a axle counter are the following

Two or more track devices which ensure the entry and the exit points of a portion of a portion of track is checked for the numbers of axles entering and the number of axles going out.

Track side interface which buffer the signals of the track devices and amplify them for counting at the centrally located counter where the input from both the ends come.

A counter which is connected to all the track side buffers and counts the axles coming in and the axles going out.

A transmitter unit kept at all track side locations to feed signal to the track side equipment for the purpose of detection of axles.